Renouncing your Malaysian Citizenship, the quick and easy way.

Well I decided to create this page for those people (like me) who need to renounce their citizenship as soon as possible and cannot wait the current queue of 5 months to get their renunciation slip from the High Commission at Jervois Road.

To beat the time and get your slip within 2 hours, you will need to get across the Causeway and into Johore Bahru. Take either a car or the bus 170 (which brings you to City Square) if you want to get across Compleks Iskandar. Walking across the Causeway is highly not recommended because the new roads are very curvy and you might end up walking for an hour or two.

Everything can be found in around the same area of Block A, Wisma Persekutuan.

Here’s what you need to bring with you:

  1. Passport
  2. White immigration card
  3. I/C (Singapore & Malaysian)
  4. Birth Cert (laminated)
  5. Singapore Certificate of Citizenship
  6. Expired (or not expired) Malaysian passports
  7. If point 6 is N.A., then Letter of Surrender (a.k.a. the letter from High Comm saying that you stopped having a joint passport with your parents)
  8. Original Form K, which is yellow.
  9. 2 recent passport-sized photos (blue or white background)
  10. ~RM40

All documents (except Form K) must be accompanied with 2 photocopies. You can get photocopying and your photo taken at the gray building across the road from the Wisma. They are pretty cheap, considering we are Singaporeans. πŸ˜‰ If you don’t have the original Form K, you can get it from the Renunciation Counter at Lv5 Block A.

The Commissioner of Oaths who will handle your renunciation is also not in the Wisma. He is in the yellow building opposite the road, ground level, where just outside sells decent nasi lemak and mee rebus. The procedure is pretty quick and simple.

If you are 21 years old and above, then you don’t need copies of your parents’ I/C, Birth Cert and Passport. Otherwise, its wise to bring 3 copies of each.

Go to the following address:
Level 5
Block A
Wisma Persekutuan
Jalan Air Molek
Johor Bahru

The office opens at 8am, and it is wise to beat the jam if you’re going on a Friday/Saturday morning. I went there on a Good Friday morning, cleared customs in 20 mins and they were already serving me at 7.50am.

At Lv5, the Renunciation Counter is no. 5 and I was served by a very nice young chap. Be nice to him and he’ll throw you some pointers on how to get your official renunciation form quicker from HQ at KL.

You’ll end up with your birth cert retained to do some paperwork on, and they’ll return it to you (by mail I think) after they are done. Also, you will end up with an official receipt stating that you have completed the Form K. This is enough to get you to take the Oath of Citizenship in ICA.

The entire procedure in Jalan Molek took me just under 2 hours because I was lost and didn’t know where to go. Also, we walked around a good deal and we were there since 7am to sight see. Good thing my mother was with me and she speaks really fluent Bahasa Melayu.

I hope this guide serves as an alternative and a huge help to those who needs their Singaporean passports renewed ASAP. I guess the only drawback here is going crossing the Causeway, which can be a huge pain at peak hours.

Side note: At ICA, renewing passport is on the spot, but if you want to make a new one, it might take another [edit] 1 week before finally receiving your new biometric passport. So fast!

Good luck!


Map to Wisma Persekutuan at Jalan Air Molek. Block A is the one marked with the pointer. Wisma KWSP and TJB Towers are most likely the yellow and grey buildings respectively. Don’t get lost!


On top of Resit Rasmi (renunciation slip), ICA also requires the official renunciation letter by a certain date. They are usually fine with any reasonable date you give them, like 2-3 months from the day you applied at JB. Read comments below if you’re uncertain.


This method applies ONLY to people with dual citizenships. Because you need to get over the Causeway, you’ll need a valid passport to get back from Malaysia.

[Edit – 30.05.09]

I just received a letter from the Malaysian Government saying that I have to go down to the Wisma at JB to collect the official renunciation form. Letter is dated 30.04.09 but it was mailed on 26.05.09, received 30.05.09.

The entire collection process took 5 mins, and ICA Level 6 closes at 4.30pm on Weekdays, so its good to start the trip to JB early, and end it promptly at ICA.

Added 18/08/2009, comment by kkysnoopy:

I also got my approval letter on the 4th August and went down to MHC and my appt date is 8th feb 2010. The officer from MHC asked me to inform ICA that the collection of the slip can be done after 23rd Feb.
I need to attend NEE on 2nd Sep.

So being kiasu , as it’s more than 7 months , and our approval letter is valid for 8 months . I called ICA to let her know that the MHC has given the appt date in feb next year , the ICA replied that upon booking the oath date through their e-site , the approval letter valid will auto-extended .
The web site to make the oath booking is under Citizen Registration
** you only able to change 3 times and no more.

Good luck!



  1. chris Said:

    Thank you Estee.

    Will feature your blog in the renunciation posts.

    • euson Said:

      my singaporean friend got robbed at johor bahru, then lost ic , money and passport… how to back singapore.. they do report at police station, but police no give anything help,and inform them how to do? thx…

      • ponponpatapon Said:

        euson: you could try going to the singapore embassy in JB. can make passport there, and they might be able to send your friend back to singapore asap.

  2. Beluga Said:

    Hi, Thanks for the pointers. However, wouldn’t you need to surrender all your Maaysia passport and leave you stranded in Malaysia after you have gone through the process?

  3. ponponpatapon Said:

    Yes, this means that you will have to have both Singapore and Malaysian Citizenship. I was born in Malaysia but converted to Singapore Citizenship when I was in primary school. I have only had a pink I/C and Singapore passport. Before that, was traveling under joint passport with my mother.

    Sorry I forgot to mention that. >.<

    If you want to beat the 5 month wait at MHC, a valid reason for you to jump the queue would be “I am going to study overseas.” They would squeeze you an appointment about 3-4 weeks down the road.

  4. Pearl Said:

    For my case, I do not have Singapore Passport yet as I need to renounce my Malaysia citizenship before I could get my Singapore citizenship status. May I know, can I still renouce my Malaysia citizenship at JB and how to return to Singapore since I have surrendered my Malaysia passport to them already.

  5. ponponpatapon Said:

    Ahhh. I think it is wiser that in your case, please call the Malaysian High Commission in Singapore. Their number is 6235-0111, press 1 for Consular matters.

    I guess the crossing-the-highway thing is only for people with Singapore passports already.

    However, there might be a chance that you could get your passport made at the Singapore Embassy in Malaysia? Call up ICA at 6391-6100 as well to check it out.

  6. RAj Said:

    thanks alot……..

  7. Pearl Said:

    I did call MHC but seems like no one answering the phone. Guess I have no choice but to wait for the 5 months Q.

  8. ponponpatapon Said:

    MHC is open only during these times: 8am-11am, 2.30pm to 5pm. You might have called during ridiculously long their lunch break?

    Alternatively, if you’re feeling rich, call up the guys at Wisma Persekutuan: 02-207-2245388/89. Being able to speak Bahasa Melayu is a huge added advantage.

  9. RAj Said:

    well those who dont have the singapore passport i think, must surrender the NIRC at wisma and the cancell the passport at immigresen…. imigration jb number is 07-2244255….

  10. ponponpatapon Said:

    Thanks RAj! (:

  11. Jackson Said:


    I collected my forms (completed) in the end of Mar 09 and got my appt date in early Aug 09, is it still possible for me to follow the abovementioned steps?

    Wah if this had been posted earlier in Chris’ site, it would saved me a trip to MHC.. hahaz..

  12. ponponpatapon Said:

    Actually, you still can. I also went down to MHC, got the forms and got my appointment booked already, but the lady say can cancel appointment and go straight down to JB to get my things done.

    So call MHC up and tell them you’re going to Wisma Persekutuan instead. =D

  13. Jw Said:

    so do u need to get official renunciation form from HQ at KL?

  14. ponponpatapon Said:

    no you don’t have to. the slip you’ll be given is RESIT RASMI, which means Official Receipt in Melayu. This slip will be enough to get your passport extended.

    But in order to truly confirm status, you would still have to get the official renunciation letter from HQ in KL by a certain date (1-2 months) to submit to ICA. According to the renunciation officer at the Wisma, the official letter will be ready in roughly a month.

  15. Jw Said:

    oh icic. Thanks for the info ^^

  16. Jackson Said:

    Hmph.. I was thinking if it’ll be alright if I do not cancel my appt and still go JB settle the stuff.. on one hand it secures me from waiting another 5months if sth goes wrong and yet on the other hand, it might not work out at all.. =X

  17. ponponpatapon Said:

    Lol, if thats the case, may i suggest that you go JB first. If it works out, then call up MHC to cancel appointment. If it doesn’t, then hey, at least you get to fill up the petrol (if you’re driving), get to eat awesome seafood and shop around City Square. πŸ˜€ no harm done.

  18. teabag Said:

    Hi, ponponpatapo

    That was an excellent piece of informtion re the renouciation of Msian citizenhip. Thanks for the tips.

  19. Terrence Said:

    Hi, ponponpatapo

    My son’s Malaysia passport already expired,how?
    Anybody can guide?or havet o wait for 5 months….please

  20. ponponpatapon Said:

    Hi Terrence,

    I suppose your son is going overseas soon? What is the purpose of the trip?

    If it is for more important matters such as further studies or business trips, the MHC in Singapore might be able to help shorten your son’s wait time. I suggest your son to take a trip down to MHC and inquire about it.

  21. Terrence Said:

    Hi, ponponpatapo

    Thanks fpr the son not go anywhere,just Dec have a function in Malaysia…scare can’t make it…can i go to collect form and make appointment before attending NEE or after?Please help to advise.

    YOur kind advise is much apprecieted.

  22. ponponpatapon Said:

    Hi Terrence,

    Hmm, the last time I went to MHC for an appointment is in April 09, and they gave me an appointment in August 09. So I think there is a pretty good chance you can make an appointment in Sept or Oct 09 if you go soon.

    You and your son could go down and make the appointment ASAP, and also inform the lady that your son would have to leave the country by Dec. They’re pretty understanding people. Works better if you speak Bahasa. πŸ˜›

  23. Terrence Said:

    Hi ponponpatapon,

    Thank you very much for the advise….have the nice day…


  24. Teng Said:

    I don’t see a clear anwners on below question, you reply is greatly appreciate. Thanks!

    For my case, I do not have Singapore Passport yet as I need to renounce my Malaysia citizenship before I could get my Singapore citizenship status. May I know, can I still renouce my Malaysia citizenship at JB and how to return to Singapore since I have surrendered my Malaysia passport to them already.

  25. Chengjie Said:


    thanks a lot, man. Your post has helped quite a lot. I intend to go JB next week to renounce citizenship.

  26. Chengjie Said:

    oh. May i know Wisma Persekutuan’s opening days and hours? Do they open on Fridays or weekends?

  27. ponponpatapon Said:

    Teng: I was told that you can surrender your IC at Wisma Persekutuan, then go to the Immigresen to cancel your passport and complete renunciation.

    Chengjie: you might want to check out Malaysia’s official website. I’m not sure the closing hours, but it should be 5pm (normal work hours). It is open on Fridays, don’t think its open on Saturday and Sunday though, because I was told by MHC that I should go on the Friday.

  28. Mandy Said:

    So cfm that we can surrender the IC at Wisma Persekutuan first then go to immigration to cancel passport? As I need to renounce my Malaysia Citizenship before I can apply for my Singapore passport. Need urgent advise please.


    Btw, can we get form K online?

  29. ponponpatapon Said:

    Hey Mandy,

    Surrendering of IC was what RAj (another commenter) suggested and said it worked. I myself, am not 100% sure if it works. Call up the Wisma to check it out first. You can find the Malaysian number in one of the comments I posted above.

    Form K is a light yellow form in original copy. I don’t think you can get it online. But even if you’re given the form on the spot, its pretty easy to fill in. πŸ™‚ If you need people to fill in for you, can do so for a small fee at the front gate of the Wisma Compleks. There are old men with table and umbrella to help you with the form.

  30. Desmond Said:

    hi ponpon
    Question hope you can help to enlighten.
    My 5 yrs son holds dual citizenship and 2 passport (SG & MY) now.
    Can he renew his M’sia pp when it is due? He is using his SG pp now.
    Can he also get his M’sia ID when he is 12?
    Many thanks.

  31. lyn Said:

    Is it possible for malaysians who have renounced their citizenship (to be a singaporean) to come back to malaysia for visits? Is there a restriction as to number of visits per year, length per visit?

    Appreciate your soonest feedback.
    Thanks a lot.

  32. ponponpatapon Said:

    Desmond: I believe he can enjoy privileges from both sides of the Causeway. Should not be a problem. He would have to renounce one of his citizenships at age of 21.

    lyn: no restriction to number of visits. From what I can gather from the Malaysian websites, there is no limit to length of stay if you’re a Singaporean. Check out for other countries:

  33. Mandy Said:

    Hi all,

    It doesn’t work… If you dun hold Singapore passport, you cannot renounce your citizenship in Malaysia cos they dun allow you to cancel your passport at custom. Btw, the submission of the renounce documents in Malaysia High Comm located at Singapore also must make appt… The earliest for now will be 3 Oct. I went JB today but unable to renounce my citizenship cos will have trouble coming back to sing without passport.

  34. june Said:

    Hi All,
    I chanced upon this website and thank you for all the valuable info.
    Mandy, did you just recently made the enquiry?
    I just receive my confirmation from Singapore ICA. But I need to reply them by June 18
    Is yours the same?

  35. ponponpatapon Said:

    Thanks Mandy for your feedback. I am very sorry that this method does not work. I guess this method is applicable only for people with dual citizenship. Will update the blog page!

    Thank you again!

  36. Mandy Said:

    Hi Patapon,

    No prob. It’s good that we share the info here so all of us dun have to waste time. πŸ™‚

    Hi June,
    Yes. I just got done the enquiry on 14 May. I have went thru the NEE thingy and now waiting to renounce my Malaysia Citizenship. I went back to MHC and ask for a favour from the officer who fixed the appt. She managed to squeeze me in Aug. πŸ™‚ Just make sure that you talk to her nicely and ask her to help if possible. Give her a valid reason that you can think of. :p

  37. Chengjie Said:

    Thanks Patapon!
    I finally renounced my Malaysian citizenship at Wisma. Took me 2 visits though because the 1st time, the guy at the counter Syafiq forgot to take my thumb prints on Borang K. I had to go back today just to submit my thumbprints (took me less than 2 min). I went ICA and took my oath and now all that’s left is to wait for is the official confirmation of the renunciation.
    So to all those who are considering going to Wisma in JB, remember the thumbprints!!

    • jingobell Said:


      Are you hold dual citizenship, tts y you are able to renounce in JB? Thanks.

  38. ponponpatapon Said:

    Awesome! Great job there. -thumbs up and big smiles-

    And you’re most welcomed. I had hoped this page helped some one out there and it did! Ahhh the satisfaction. Hah.

  39. jingobell Said:

    Hi Chengjie,

    Are you saying that after you got the approval letter from ICA you went to WISMA at JB to renounce your Malaysian citizenship? But how can you come back to SG w/o passport?

    I submitted my application on 27Feb still have not receive approval letter yet, wondering how long it will take to process.

  40. ponponpatapon Said:

    Hello jingobell,

    updates are available in the page above. Added in a new [Edit] to the end of the post.

    If you went via the Wisma P. route:
    From what I can gather, you can collect your original Borang K and birth cert about 2 months after getting the first Resit of payment for Borang K. However, still have to wait for their letter from the KL High Comm in order to go down to the Wisma. (I submitted application 1 April, received letter from KL on 30 May.)

    If you went by the Singapore MHC route:
    It’ll take 1 year to process. Both my brother and sister undertook this path. Brother is already 26 years old and has not received his birth cert from the MHC, but is a full-fledged Singaporean. Sister, 25, received it 1 year after submission of form. So, I guess you’d have to wait.

  41. carina Said:

    hi i hope someone can ans my queries:
    -the appointment everyone’s talking about does it refer to an appointment to get the renuciation slip?
    -do you have to wait for ICA to send a letter to prompt for renunciation of malaysia citizenship before booking an appointment?
    -i’m born in sg and has nv had any m’sia documents (e.g. passport & ic). i’ve always hold a sg international passport, will this mtd work for me? i need to leave the country in july, but my passport validity is less than 6mths and they will not let me extend till i renounce my m’sia citizenship, so i kind of need my renunciation slip urgently.

  42. ponponpatapon Said:

    Hi Carina. I will answer your queries:
    – Yes, it is the appointment made with MHC on your first visit there. As for Wisma, you do not need an appointment. It’s on a walk-in basis.
    – Yes, you also need ICA’s letter in order to do so in MHC. but you do not need a letter from ICA if you go over to the Wisma.
    – I did not have a M’sian passport and IC before either, I was still able to renounce my M’sian citizenship at the Wisma. You just need documents such as your m’sian citizenship certificate. However, if you need to leave by July, then you’d have to convince the officer at the Wisma to quicken the process of renunciation. Also, if you go down to Wisma, you will receive a resit (Malay for receipt) at the end of the first day procedures. With that, you can extend your passport. πŸ™‚

  43. Wen Said:


    Thanks for your very informative post! I’m 21 going on to 22 in September. I have ignored the letter from ICA to renounce my Malaysian citizenship for a long time until my mom nagged at me to do it soon since I’m having my holidays now. Imagine my horror when I read that I have to wait 5 months for an appointment! This means I will not make it in time to renounce my Malaysian citizenship and then take my oath before my birthday in September right?

    So just to confirm, the only way for me to do it is to go down to Wisma and skip MHC?

    I was born in Singapore but my parents were not Singaporeans at time of my birth. I have a Singaporean passport and the pink IC, but no Malaysian citizenship certificate that I’m aware of.

    Please advise, thanks a lot πŸ™‚

    • Peifen Said:

      hi wen,

      please let me know your progress. same situation with you but i do not have any surrender letter vto submit

    • ponponpatapon Said:

      oh, my sister did not have the Letter of Surrender, she just showed other proof that she is not affiliated to any more Malaysian passports. should work fine.

  44. ponponpatapon Said:

    I totally empathise with you! My horror was when I realised I had to go overseas within 2 months and I am also 21 going 22.

    Yes, the quickest and fastest way is to go down to Wisma. You can skip MHC all together. Please bring somebody who can speak fluent Bahasa Melayu with you. It’ll speed up the process so much more.

    Bring ALL documents you have with you, just to make sure. Also, you would like to call up MHC first to ask what documentation you have that confirms your identity as a Malaysian. Better be safe and prepared!

    Good luck!

  45. muhammad Said:

    How long can one hold two citizenships, Malaysian and another without being detected by the Malaysian government ?

  46. ponponpatapon Said:

    I believe that Malaysia allows dual citizenship.

    If you hold dual M’sia+S’pore, Singapore side would want you to make a decision between choosing Malaysian or Singaporean Citizenship when you turn 21 years of age. Malaysia is more than happy to allow dual citizenship. πŸ™‚

  47. Jenny Said:

    Hi Ponponpatapon,

    Im 32 year olds and wish to skip the 5 mths waiting for the appointment date from MHC.
    Can I renounce in Wisma there but Im not holding dual Citizenship. Can i proceed to submit in Wisma? will it be problem in custom since passport had been submited at Wisma there.

    Need your advice urgently.


  48. ponponpatapon Said:

    Hi Jenny,

    I regret to say that there is no way for you to complete the transaction at the Wisma if you do not hold dual citizenship. That’s because you’ll be stranded in JB without a passport once the process is complete. 😦

  49. Jenny Said:

    ohh! tooo bad.
    I just call to MHC and they say if tomorrow i go to book the appointment, the fastest is on DEC….

    big sigh……

    For your info, i get the approval together with my daughter. In this case, can i get my child to become the singaporean first since she no need to that oath??

    Please help….

  50. Vijane Said:


    Thanks for your effort to create this information sheet. I think is it very good reference for those who is going to renounce the Malaysian Citizenship.
    I already got the Singapore Citizhenship Approval letter. I am holding Malaysia Passport & Singapore PR status.

    Currently I am processing to buy the Resale HDB, so I really need to expedite the process of renounce. However, the date the MHC given me is 5 months later. I request them to provide me the earliest date as possible. But they not yet confirm me.

    So if I intend to go to JB to process the renounce. They will collect my Malaysia passport right?

    So how can I go back Singapore ?

    As per your suggestion, I can go to Spore Ambassy to process my Spore passport. Is it true that I can process to take my Oath of Renunciation in Malaysia Singapore Ambassy?

    Can I process my Singapore I/C & Passport at Malaysia Singapore Ambassy as well?

    Hope you can advice me soon.
    Thank you very much for your help!

    • Yi Said:

      Hi Vijane,

      Did u manage to process to take Oath of Renunciation in Malaysia Singapore Ambassy?


    • Jasmine Said:

      Hi Vijane,

      Are you able to take the Oath of Renunciation in Malaysia Singapore Embassy?

      Others: Any idea?

  51. jackson Said:


    Is the official renunciation form mentioned in your latest update the same as “Form K – Certificate of Renunciation” which has to be submitted to Citizen Services Centre immediately to complete the entire process?


  52. ponponpatapon Said:

    Jenny: In your daughter’s case, there’s still hope. I got my Singapore Citizenship without renouncing my Malaysian one when I was 10 years old. Wait for her to take the oath, collect her Singaporean passport, then go to Wisma.

    Vijane: Yes, I believe making your I/C and Passport in the Malaysian Singapore Embassy would work, but *please call them first* and find out the waiting time and whether they could process it in say, 3 days? There might be a lot of administrative work to be done.

    Jackson: The moment you receive the official Form K, make a double-sided photocopy of it and submit it to the front desk of the Citizen Services Center. They will clip the photocopy with the ICA letter and other relevant documents. Nothing else has to be done! πŸ™‚

  53. lin Said:

    Hi all

    Thanks for a great site to know more abt renouncing the citizenship.

    I would like to know, usually wat kind of valid reason is good when requesting MHC to give me a earlier appt date ?


  54. ponponpatapon Said:

    Hi Lin,

    The reason I used for bringing forward my appointment was that I had to go study overseas. The lady was kind enough to let me have an appt within 2 weeks. But because I had to get my slip within a week, they suggested that I went to the Wisma in the end. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, as long as your reason has to do with something “really official and high priority” overseas, they should be able to let you through. I don’t think business trips count though. Good luck!

  55. Lin Said:

    Hi Ponpon…
    Thanks for the reply..
    Went to MHC today…tried to get an earlier date but still have to wait till end Dec…sigh ;(
    Tried to reason with the lady saying i had to go on a long business trip for 4mths but to no avail. I have to produce company letter then they “may” consider…
    Apparently, every1 is renoucing their msian cship…almost every1 in front of me were taking form 4 renouncing…
    well…just gotta wait till dec then..
    Once again…thanks

  56. ponponpatapon Said:

    Yeah, everyone in front of me also were renouncing their Malaysian Citizenship.

    Most of the time Singaporeans would want to retain their Singapore Citizenship and renounce the Malaysian one because its much easier to get Malaysian PR. 😦

    Sorry to hear that Lin. Good luck!

  57. kim Said:

    ponponpatapon Said:
    on 27 June 2009 at 8:28 pm

    ” I believe that Malaysia allows dual citizenship. ”

    I don’t think Malaysia allows dual citizenship UNLESS the law been changed recently.


  58. ponponpatapon Said:

    Dear Kim,

    I did not receive a letter nor notice from Malaysia saying I have to renounce my citizenship. Also, this is what my mother (S’pore PR / M’sia Citizen) told me. However, I’m not totally sure about Malaysia because I’ve never read their Constitution nor do I intend to.

    Apologies if my assumptions are incorrect.

    • kim Said:


      Having S’pore PR and M’isia citizenship or vv is fine.

      As far as I’m aware neither S’pore nor M;sia allow dual citizenship.

      There’s no mentioned about dual nationality in the M’sia Constitutions but as you would have known it’s the person at the Immigration Desk at the point of entry who will cause you grieve.

      Just a friendly advise. No offence intended nor any apology required.


  59. lin Said:

    Hi Ponpon,
    Just needed to clarify some stuff in the forms…preety confusing..

    In the Borang K, it mentioned in malay – some sijil number at the top which you need to fill in, what should i out ?
    And at the below part, which one should i sign ?


  60. ponponpatapon Said:

    Haha, okay here’s the format:

    First Blank- Sijil bernombor “Birth cert no.” yang…
    Second Blank- Seorang warganegara “SINGAPORE” dengan…

    1. Nama Penuh – Full Name
    2. Nama Lain – Alias Name (Optional)
    3. Nombor Kad Penganalan – M’sian ID, Tempat Dikeluarkan – “Singapore
    4. Alamat – Mailing Address (can put s’pore)
    5. Jantina – Gender
    6. Tarikh lahir – Birthdate
    7. Tempat lahir – Country of birth
    8. Bangsa – Race
    9. Agama – Religion

    As for the blanks with asterisks, i chose the second paragraph because I’m staying outside Malaysia. First blank – Name, Second blank – the city which you did your borang k (I put Johor), Third blank – Name, Subsequent blanks are for the date – DD Haribulan MM 20YY

    Last line: ……………. Tandatangan Pembuat Akuan sign here.

    Hope it helps! I didn't complete second page. πŸ˜› but they processed it anyway.

  61. lin Said:

    Hi Ponpon…

    Thank u soooo much for the detailed form filling…:)
    was there a 2nd page ?

    btw – did you have to fill in 3 forms which seems like it was all a repeat information : like your passport no, father’s citizenship cert/mother’s birth cert) ?
    If so, the passport number is supposed to be the current passport ?

    Thankzzzz again..

  62. Wen Said:


    Thank you very much for your response previously πŸ™‚ Do you know which documents have to be photocopied front and back (what exactly do they mean?). Thanks!

  63. ponponpatapon Said:

    Lin: I should suppose so. >.< when in doubt, write down all your current passport numbers and label them, let them choose. Haha. That's what I did with mine.

    Wen: All documents that are double sided (including birth cert) should have their page 1 and page 2 photocopied. πŸ™‚ just photocopy anything that contains any information. The documents to be photocopied has been mentioned in the initial post. Just being everything and ask the guy at the counter.

  64. Loon Said:

    Hi, thanks for this wonderful sharing. I guess my boy will be the same situation like yours. Here are some question to clear my doubt

    -What if you didnt renounce your malaysian citizenship, any legal charges from the government?

    -Before you reach 21 years old. Can you hold both singapore and malaysia passport? as you are holding to dual citizenship?

  65. ponponpatapon Said:

    Hi Loon, glad my page has contributed a little to your understand of dual citizenships. The following are my responses to your queries:

    -If you don’t renounce the Malaysian citizenship when you’re required to do so, Singapore will automatically remove your citizenship. You will only be a citizen of Malaysia thereafter.

    -Yes, you may hold both Singapore and Malaysia passports. I have not held Malaysian passport before, but apparently (I didn’t know this till I talked to the guy at the counter) I had a Malaysian citizen ID. Heh.

  66. lin Said:

    Hi Ponpon,
    The birth cert has to be lamited, does it need to be laminated in its actual size or A4 size ?

  67. ponponpatapon Said:

    Lin: Actual size would do. πŸ™‚

  68. Alvin Said:

    I am a Malaysian Citizen (malaysian passport) with Singapore PR.

    My renounciation appointment with MHC is scheduled for Nov09, half year wait.

    Is it possible for my case to renounce in Johor?

  69. ponponpatapon Said:

    Hi Alvin,

    I believe you cannot do so, because you’ll need a non-Malaysian passport. If you take your Malaysian passport over and renounce, they’ll retain your passport and you’ll be stranded there.

  70. Alvin Said:

    Thanks for your reply.

    For my case, any other alternative to expedite this process? Other than requesting MHC to bring forward my appointment date due to other commitments?

  71. ponponpatapon Said:

    Hey Alvin,

    Um, other than the commitments I’ve listed out previously, I don’t think there are other ways to expedite the process.

    The procedures are all bottlenecked at getting the Commissioner of Oaths in MHC to approve your renunciation, and the paper work needed to send it to KL HQ. Because MHC is only a pretty small embassy compared the Wismas in Malaysia, that’s why the process is very slow.

    Plus there are a lot of people in Singapore wanting to renounce. 😦

  72. chris Said:

    There is a problem now if you are renouncing in Singapore via High Commission of Malaysia. Collection of Certificate of Renunciation (Form K) will take between 2-3 years. Up from the initial 2 years they said. They claimed that this was due to the surge in applications. FYI please.

  73. Peifen Said:


    born in singapore but bcos my parent were malaysian at that pt of time so i am consider as Malaysian.

    Do not have any expired malaysia passport non ic non birthcert…also dun have the surrender letter.

    How?? still can proceed with the application?any excuse i can give them?

    my mum dunnoe ang mo non english so i believe she threw the letter away (*x*)

    PLEASE HELP ME! stuck in singapore and i can’t renew my passport now.

  74. ponponpatapon Said:

    Hi Peifen,

    I suggest you call up MHC to ask. I’m not an expert in this, because I’m just a normal person like everybody else who wants to renounce their Malaysian citizenship.


  75. ponponpatapon Said:


    Yea, my brother has not even received the letter informing him to collect his Form K. He renounced it at 20 yrs old, he’s now 26 yrs old. It seems pretty sloppy, if you ask me.

    Also, if the queue to meet Commissioner of Oaths is 6 months, it does not include sending the form to KL HQ for final administration. Additionally, the commissioner only signs and chops the form, which is supposed to be pretty straight forward. Took me less than 5 mins in Johor.

  76. Peifen Said:

    sob….thank gal anyway!
    called them but they said DUNNOE DUNNOE DUNNOE… bang bang very inefficient.
    Still purposely transfer my call and no one pick up still

  77. ponponpatapon Said:

    yea, they’re pretty good at shrugging off. keep calling them until some one gives you an answer!

  78. Mrs Chong Said:

    Hi ponpon

    Have just gone down to MHC today and make my appt. To my horror my appt date is on 11/2/10. I can’t understand why need such a long time for just to submit a form. they told me no choice many pple are in the Q. The only valid reason is if your are pregnant get letter from doc bla..bla….

    Can I check with you, do I really need to renouce for my daughter? If not Spore ICA will issue a Spore passport to my daughter without the oath?

    I called up to check with ICA they say my daughter still can use her msia passport and they will stamp in her passport to indicated that she is also a Sporean. So i happily go and renew both of my daughters Msian passport this morning after renewal then we proceed to the renouncition counter the say different thing. make me puzzle…******** I have wasted my S$124 😦
    This morning I clarify again with MCH they say no way to hold both passport must surrender as well and they have to come down again when they turn 21 years old.

    Very scare to go msia government dept especially the Immigration dept always different ppl say different thing. big sigh…………….

  79. ponponpatapon Said:

    Hi Mrs Chong!

    Well, to your first question, yes, you must renounce your daughter’s Malaysian citizenship if you want her to keep her Singapore citizenship. Singapore will not issue new passport or extend her current one after she reach 21 yrs old and have not submitted the letter of renunciation.

    As for your daughters’ case, its very easy. First, make Singapore passports for both your daughters. *After* you receive their new passports, you can bring them go JB Wisma to cancel their malaysia citizenship. (Remember to use the Singapore passports at the customs!) That should be able to cut short the time.

    One drawback: I don’t know if Singapore side will issue Singapore passport for your daughters. 😦 Please go down and make 100% sure that they can hold Singapore passport and apply for them on the spot.

  80. kkysnoopy Said:

    I also got my approval letter on the 4th August and went down to MHC and my appt date is 8th feb 2010. The officer from MHC asked me to inform ICA that the collection of the slip can be done after 23rd Feb.
    I need to attend NEE on 2nd Sep.

    So being kiasu , as it’s more than 7 months , and our approval letter is valid for 8 months . I called ICA to let her know that the MHC has given the appt date in feb next year , the ICA replied that upon booking the oath date through their e-site , the approval letter valid will auto-extended .
    The web site to make the oath booking is under Citizen Registration
    ** you only able to change 3 times and no more.

    Good luck!

  81. ponponpatapon Said:

    Thanks kkysnoopy for your info! will put it up in the post.

  82. Xiaochai Said:

    If I go wisma to renounce, on that day itself will be done?

  83. Xiaochai Said:

    Hi.. I’m here again.. I called ica this morning and telling them that the MHC given me the appointent date at 9 of feb but my birthday on the 15 feb..

    Then the officer in ica told me that I can go to wisma to do it as it will be faster.. Cause if the wisma over there can give me a letter that proved that they are processing my renuonce.. Then ica will accept it as they can wait for the final document..

    But is the letter will be given on the spot? I mean the letter that proved you submitted the documents and processing now.. The letter is in Malay words..

  84. ponponpatapon Said:

    Yes Xiaochai, they will give you a Receipt (Resit in Bahasa) on the same day to tell you that you have successfully renounced your citizenship and completed the Form K. That is the “letter” that ICA is willing to accept.

    I got the Resit and went on the same day to ICA, they did some documentation, let me take the oath for Singapore Citizenship, then renewed my Singapore passport on the spot.

    However, please be sure that you currently HAVE a Singapore passport. Because when you renounce at the Wisma, they will retain your Malaysian passport and Malaysian birth cert.

  85. Xiaochai Said:

    Thx for your advice

  86. George Said:

    My appointment to renounce Malysian citizenship is already set for me and my 2 children next week at MHC, after 5 months wait. My questions are :
    – whether they will retain our Malaysian passports and for how long ?
    – how long will it take for the renunciation to go through ? My appt with ICA is 2 weeks after MHC date.
    – How fast does ICA process my Spore citizenship and issue pink ICs and new passports ? Reason is I have to travel in Oct.

  87. ponponpatapon Said:

    Hi George,

    – they’ll cancel your Malaysian passport the moment you go for appointment. It is not ‘retained’, they’ll take it back permanently.
    – you get an official receipt immediately after the renunciation, which is effective immediately. ICA accepts the receipt. As for official document (Form K) it’ll take 2 years to process because they need to send it up to KL Headquarters.
    – ICA takes 2 weeks if I’m not wrong.

    Btw, my answers are factual according to my knowledge, it does not *in any way* reflect the actual conditions. If you want to double-confirm, please approach the officials in MHC and ICA. πŸ™‚

  88. fong Said:

    after reading on the message above, need your advise i must need to do the renunciation in MHC only if i didt hold singapore passport, is this right?

  89. HERm Said:

    Hi, anyone can help me here with my situation?

    i’ve got an appointment from the High Commission on the 23rd November for Submission of documents. I have everything prepared except for my malaysia passport that expires since i was 3yrs old (i am 21 yrs old this year). My mum said she dont remember receiving the Surrender Letter of my malaysia passport.

    What should i do? the appointment date is getting nearer and i have no idea how to get the Surrender Letter. I keep calling High Commission but the operators have no mood to entertain me at all and cant answer my question, while i cant get thru the consular at all. Had also called ICA but they have no idea too.

    Pls help..

    Thanks a million

  90. Mrs. Teh Said:

    My Husband has received his Singapore Citizenship in Dec-2008.

    May I know when can we received the Form K/letter of renounciation from MHC?

    Normally how long will it takes?

    We need the Form K/Letter to confirm Malaysia has renounced my husband’s malaysia citizenship inorder to withdraw his EPF.

  91. Holly Said:

    Hi, when i went to the High Commission of Malaysian people there are……
    Well, they need my Borang W, i can’t find My Borang W also, I don’t even have it how do i produce it?, how to solve it? i called the person from High Commission of Malaysian, they told me i can make a police report in singapore, does that help?
    pls advise me,
    your help is truly appreciated.

    Thanks & Regards

  92. ponponpatapon Said:

    HERm: surrender letter is when you give up your m’sian passport. if you still have the passport, just bring it along. if you don’t have the passport, then i don’t have a clue.

    Mrs. Teh: completed certified form k takes about 2 years if you went through MHC.

    Holly: I’m not sure, if they tell you to make a police report, then its better to do so. The staff in MHC know better (though not a lot.)

  93. EnsulseSell Said:

    Awesome, I did not know about this topic up to now. Thankz!!

  94. BabyJamz Said:

    Hi guys

    I am PR holding M’sian passport and M’sian IC. Understand that I need to surrender my passport during the renunciation process at MHC. Are they require me to surrender all my expired passports which I have since day 1 I got it or just current passport will do? If we cannot produce what they are required, what is the next thing should I do?

    Thanking you in advance.

  95. ponponpatapon Said:

    Hi babyjamz, you have to surrender all your passports, including expired ones. if you cannot produce, you will have to report your missing passport to the relevant authorities, though i’m not sure whether its the m’sian/s’porean police, or the MHC.

  96. Rick Said:

    If point 6 is N.A., then Letter of Surrender (a.k.a. the letter from High Comm saying that you stopped having a joint passport with your parents)

    may I know what’s the above mentioned letter of surrender. i’ve searched everywhere but could only find one letter from the MHC stating ” This is to acknowlegde receipt of Malaysian Restricted Passports… acquired Singapore Citizenship:…”. Is it this letter, im pretty confused now.

  97. ponponpatapon Said:

    Hi Rick,

    Apparently my sister has the same problem, she doesn’t have a letter of surrender. I’m trying to figure out how to solve it for her.

    The letter you asked regarding restricted passport might be the letter of surrender. Mine reads as “The particulars of the below mentioned have been cancelled from [parent’s passport number] … as they have already acquired Singapore citizenship”.

    Hope it helps.

    • Rick Said:

      went to Wisma Persekutuan in the afternoon today. reached at arnd 4pm, queued for form. took the forms to fill and get stamped by some guy elsewhere, and then got my documents to photostate. apparently they accepted the letter.
      went back to to submit everything, and was told to call a certain no. 3mths later. got the “resit” so going to ICA tml morning !

      actually i’m not sure do they have all the required docs. they seem abit unsure what is required. but ultimately i got the “resit” so wait for result 3mths later.

      good luck to all the ppl going there. really much faster to go to JB and do it then MHC at SG.

      • ponponpatapon Said:

        Just to clarify-
        The “stamping” part was the actual renouncing, stamped by commissioner of oaths. Now this is the actual procedure that has a waiting time of 2 months in Singapore. It so slow at MHC, i can’t believe it took only 5 mins at the Wisma. :/

        The number to call is KL HQ, where they process your form K, and return it back to you, the official renunciation form.

        good luck at ICA!

  98. Rick Said:

    thanks for the quick reply. will update on how it goes

  99. Jasmine Said:

    Can we take the Oath of Renunciation and apply for Singapore Passport at the Singapore Embassy in KL?

  100. ponponpatapon Said:

    Jasmine: you can try. Call up the Singapore Embassy in KL and see if you can make your passport on the spot. because the biometric passport takes 2 weeks to complete. maybe you could go in first, apply for your passport in the Singapore Embassy, then come back out. go in 2 weeks later to renounce and collect the passport. just a suggestion, but worth a try.

    • Jasmine Said:

      Are we able to apply for Singapore Passport just with the letter of approval from ICA? I thought we can only do that after renoucing the Msia Citizenship?

      My concern is how are we going to come back to Spore without passport if we renounce Msia Citizenship at Singapore Embassy in KL. Am exploring alternatives to bypass the long waiting period of appointment at MHC in Spore.

      • ponponpatapon Said:

        Yep. Which is why i only suggested that you try out. Not sure if it works. You could try calling up Singapore Embassy in Malaysia and see if there is anything you/they can do to speed up making the passport.

        Maybe you could take a week or two off and stay in M’sia (if they say they need about that length of time to make the passport).

  101. wave Said:

    thank you for such a useful post.
    just wondering, when you went to the wisma, do you need to produce copies of your singapore passport??

  102. ponponpatapon Said:

    Wave: there’s not need for that. also, you have to go back to Wisma a second time to collect the completed Form K. That is when the form has been returned from KL HQ.

  103. jenna Said:


    just a quick question. Why do we have to renounce M’sia citizenship if we already have another citizenship ? Is it really necessary ?


  104. Jessica C Said:

    happy to year to all! I just received a letter from ICA on my successful application. need some advice from you;

    1) Can i get/apply for Singapore Certificate of Citzenship before I get the Resit Rasmi from MHC?

    2) When i renounce my malaysian citzenship at MHC or in JB, will my current passport be taken away? So it mean that if i apply at MHC, i will not be able to travel out of Singapore? As i need to travel in Feb2010.

    3) If not, will ICA issue a temp passport for travelling if MHC takes away my current passport?

    Many thanks

  105. ponponpatapon Said:

    Jenna: Singapore does not allow citizenship duality. so it is compulsory to renounce your Malaysian citizenship (or any other nationality) to take up Singapore citizenship by the age of 21. if not, Singapore will forfeit your citizenship on your behalf and you won’t get the rights to being a Singaporean.

    Jessica C:
    1) I think you can apply for it, then submit the Resit when they ask for further proof on consequent visits.

    2) Yes, your current passport will be taken away. You might want to go down to ICA and make the Singapore passport. Current biometric passport takes 1 week to make.

    3) Hurry up and apply for the Singapore passport!


    • Jessica C Said:

      thanks, i just received the approval letter from ICA. You mean with the approval letter, i can apply for the Singapore Passport before renouncing the Malaysian citzenship?

    • ponponpatapon Said:

      im not sure about that, you might have to confirm with ICA again. sorry =(

  106. wave Said:

    this sounds like a retarded question, but just wondering….
    for address, is it better to write Singapore or Malaysia(JB) address?

  107. ponponpatapon Said:

    wave: lol, either one will do, as long as you’re there to receive the mail. I suggest the address that you are most frequently at. πŸ™‚ good luck!

  108. SB Said:

    Great job there Ponpon to start this blog!

    I read through this blogs twice, very informative,

    suggestion to all users, take the effort to read through will answer most of you doubts.

  109. cs Said:

    i dont have a passport with me right now as it was being confiscated by the ica. they said i have to renounce my malaysia citizenship before i can collect it. i dont have borang w either and i really dont know what do to speed my the processes. if i were to make my way to malaysia to renounce my citizenship, around how long will i get to settle all the stuff? do i still have to wait for their letter or i can make my way to ica once after it is done in jb?

  110. cs Said:

    can i know why some people have to wait for few months after visiting and settling everything in malaysia? im really a despo after since my passport have been confiscated and im stuck in singapore for very long time

    • ponponpatapon Said:

      when you go to Wisma and renounce your citizenship, they will take away your Malaysian passport, so going to Wisma is a no-no.

      most of the questions you asked are already answered in the articles and in the Q&A above, so please read the above to get more information.

      just a heads up, if you decide to take Wisma route, initial process will take 2 hours, waiting for official borang K will take about 2 weeks. if you decide to take MHC route, initial process will take 2 months, and waiting for official borang K will take about 6 months to 1 year.

  111. ST Said:

    happy to year 2010 to all of you!
    many many thanks for create this useful website..
    I just received letters from ICA on my & my children successful application. need some advice from you all..

    1) what should i bring to MHC for make appointment?

    2) in the letter of ICA did not mention that my children (both of them under 12years old) need to renounce their M’sian citizenship before they can register to be S’porean, does that means I can actually go & register for them first? (My hb & me both are PRs now).

    i need all helpful ppl to advice me asap
    Many thanks in advance..

    • ponponpatapon Said:

      1) same as the documents you would bring to Wisma.

      2) yes, doing it earlier is better for them. ICA will only send the letter when they are 21 years old.

  112. Eldon Said:

    Hi, anyone can help me here with my situation?

    My family got our Singapore citizenship years back. Now I need to renounce my malaysian citizenship as I have turn 21 this year.
    i’ve got an appointment from the High Commission on the 23rd November for Submission of documents. I have everything prepared.

    Am I able to go down to the ICA that very day to take the oath?
    Will the MHC issue me a letter/document as the ICA require evidence to prove that I have renounced my Malaysian citizen in order to take the oath.

    I’m serving my NS so it not easy to get day off easily you see.

    • Eldon Said:

      Will MHC here issue me with the Resit at the end of the first day procedures?

    • Eldon Said:

      Will I be issue the RESIT at MHC at the end of the first day procedures?

    • ponponpatapon Said:

      yes you will be able to get the Resit on the first day procedures in Wisma. you can then go to ICA and submit the Resit.

      for the Oath, you might have to come back ICA on a seperate day for a walk-in Oath taking session.

      you might be able to push for all procedures to be done on the same day as it is difficult for you to get an off-day. tell that to the officer in-charge in ICA, they’re pretty friendly and understanding.

      Good luck!

  113. Eldon Said:

    Sorry. The appointment date should be 21 Jan 2010.

  114. steph Said:

    I got my letter from ICA in Dec , need to revoke my malaysian cittizenship by Aug 2010. I dont hold Singapore passport therefore I cannot go to JB can only do so in Singapore MHC. But the queue takes more than half a year. My problem is my Malaysia passport is also expiring in Aug 2010. I need to travel every month. What should I do ? does it mean I still need to go MHC to renew my passport while waiting for the appointment or if I subit the letter for renonce will they allow me to extend my passpot for another year? any idea ? thank you so much

    • ponponpatapon Said:

      call up MHC and ask the officer how long the process will take. then go to ICA, talk to their officer in-charge, quoting the wait period. they are quite helpful, and probably extend your deadline to revoke the Malaysian citizenship.

  115. zaida Said:


    i am enquiring on behalf of my day. i am hoping he can renounce his msian citizenship in Wisma, JB. however i understand he needs another passport to return aka dual citizenship.

    can he apply for singapore passport now , even though he has not renounce his msian citizenship and have not gotten the resit rasmi from MHC

    this way once he has gotten the singapore passport, can he then travel to JB to renounce his msian citizenship, and when they took away his msian passport, he can return to singapore with the new spore passport that he has applied

    is this possible?

    • ponponpatapon Said:

      he has to use the same Singaporean passport for both exiting and entering Singapore. so if he is able to use his Singapore passport to exit Singapore, then it would not be a problem to return to Singapore after collecting the Resit Rasmi.

      hope it helps!

  116. Christine Said:

    I am a bit confusing.
    I am waiting for ICA approved my spore citizenship and I apply end of Jun09. May I know how long you gals took to get it approved by ICA?

    My passport is expiry in Jul2010 and I need to go overseas in Mar 2010. Can I renew my passport while I am waiting for spore citizenship being approved?

    What is the procedure if ICA has approved my application?

    Can someone advise me? Thanks πŸ™‚

    • ponponpatapon Said:

      sorry, i cant help you here. this topic is about renouncing Malaysian citizenship when your citizenship is already approved. but i think you should be able to renew.

      • SH Said:

        Thanks for having this sharing, it is very helpful! i nearly go to KL do my renouncing cause i have thought it would be faster, if i were not read these… i think i have most of the answers to my doubts.

  117. William Said:

    Thanks for the information! It’s really helpful. Drove down to Johor Bahru on Wednesday (20/1/10) morning and got it done in around 2 hours plus. After headed over to ICA and managed to finish the oath quickly. Just a reminder, remember to dress appropriately if you want to head to ICA immediately for your oath. Was wearing shorts and so had to go down to Bugis for some early CNY shopping for long pants.

    • ponponpatapon Said:

      grats!! πŸ™‚

    • Jessica C Said:

      hi William
      Congrats! just wondering how you can travel out of JB after you surrender your malaysian passport?

      thanks and happy new year!
      Best regds

    • ephanlc Said:

      Hi William,
      Ya, i really need your info on how do you come back to Spore after you surrender your malaysian passport ?

      I just received the approval letter , considering how should i proceed !!
      Please , your help is very important for me .

      Thank you so much.

    • pauline Said:

      HOW you come back singapore since you had surrender your passport to wisma

  118. Anony Said:

    Thank you for sharing this info.
    So handy and useful. πŸ™‚

  119. Angie Said:

    Can i check if i go to MHC to submit my form K and other docs, do i hv to surrender all my passport? What do u mean by the appointment date? It seems have to wait a few months for submission of docs?

    • ponponpatapon Said:

      Yes, when you go to MHC to submit your documents, you must also surrender your passport. Appointment date would refer to the appointment you’d be assigned to meet the Commissioner of Oaths to renounce your Malaysian citizenship. The few months wait is for the appointment with the Commissioner. After that, you would have to have another 0.5 to 1 year for the fully endorsed Form K to be returned to you.

      • Angie Said:

        Sorry a bit confused. I have applied for my spore citizenship n waiting for approval. Once approved, I go n submit my docs in MHC to renounce and they will give me an appointment to come back. So from the day I go submit the docs and the time I wait for appointment date (which is a few months down the road), I have no passport, right? And the wait is a few months. How then can I travel? Is it better alternative to go Wisma and get it done in a day? Hope you can clarify for me as I am a bit confused. Thanks.

  120. WT Said:

    Thanks for all the information, I was pretty troubled over the late appointment date given by MHC, since I have to travel and etend my passport. Seems like the only way out is to go JB. However, I am not sure how to travel to Wisma Perseketuan. I have checked streetdirectory, is it long to walk from City Square? Is there a shorter route? I only know how to get to City Square from Singapore safely. Has anyone tried walking to Wisma Perseketuan? Is it safe?

  121. fong Said:

    hi ponpon…

    1) MHC has given me the appt date in 2 Mar 10. Please advice when is the ICA appt date I should book?
    2) ..Any idea how to change the e-appointment date from ICA website? As i wonder to extend my appointment from current date Feb 10 to Apr 10… should I click ‘cancel appointment’ or ‘proceed’ on ICA website?
    thx thx thx!!!

  122. gmal Said:

    My Wife (a Malaysian) received her Australian Citizenship in 2007. We are now returning to Malaysia for a Holiday. Can my wife enter Malaysia with her Australian Passport and proceed to cancel her Malaysian Citizenship in JB. Thanking you in advance for any constructive advice/info.

  123. xanthoo Said:

    Hi there! First I’d like to express my gratitude to patapon, because this guide you wrote certainly saved me a LOT of trouble. The wait at Jervois Road is certainly terrible.

    Anyway just chipping in what I can in a bid to make the guide more ‘complete’:

    This method of travelling to the Wisma Persekutuan to handle the renunciation is primarily for minors with dual citizenships who have to renounce one of them upon reaching twenty-one years old. For Malaysians who recently got their applications for Singaporean Citizenship approved (congratulations!), it is unlikely that you can do this because you will lose your Malaysian passport at the Wisma and you are unlikely to get any form of temporary travel document from Malaysia because you just renounced your citizenship.

    For minors who hold dual citizenships, take note that you CANNOT apply for a new passport the moment you hit 21 until you settle this issue with Malaysia. I for one got a rude shock when I was told that I needed to renounce my Malaysian Citizenship the first time I went to ICA for my Oath (my parents have both renounced their citizenships, and I had no idea I had Malaysian Citizenship). HOWEVER, one way to circumvent this problem is to apply for a new passport before you hit 21 so that your passport is still valid for travel (remember that you need nine months of validity to travel).

    Alternatively, you can explain your situation at ICA and apply for a Document of Identity (that’s what I did) for $20. Essentially a one-use passport which gets you over to Malaysia and back.

    Once you are around the Wisma, look out for Block A. From there, take the lift up to Level 5 and take a right turn. The place you’re looking for is an open corridor with counters and seats set up.

    After you’re done filling your Form K, you will need to get a Commissioner for Oath to endorse your form, which as Patapon has mentioned, is situated at the yellow building opposite the Wisma. However, there are three Commissioners (the day I went), each with a counter in different shops. All of them can endorse your form for you, so if one of them plays punk with you, just go to another. The first one I went to said it wasn’t within his means (what the hell?) and directed me to someplace faraway.

    Hope these pointers help! And my apologies for the walls of text.

  124. matthew Said:

    hello there,

    thank you for your advice and instructions. i managed to renounce my malaysian citizenship within 1hour!
    and i agree, it is a must to go with someone who can speak the malay language.

    cheers πŸ™‚

  125. Josh Said:

    Hi Patapon!
    Just to check. If the renunciation is done at Wisma, then the birth cert and the certificate if renunciation will be mailed back to me? Or do I have to collect it at JB itself?

  126. Angie Lim Said:

    Hi all,
    If we do not have any expired Restricted / International passport, how shall we proceed?
    Please advise


  127. Josh Said:

    Hi patapon!

    Just wondering it I renounce my msian citizenship at JB, will the birth cert and certificate of renunciation be mailed to me or do I have to go back to JB and collect? Thanks!

  128. Cai Said:


    I had renounced my malaysia citizenship two years ago.
    Any idea how to apply and become malaysian permanent resident so that I can stay in Malaysia for a long period of time when I retire in few years time?

    Thank you

  129. Cai Said:


    I had renounced my malaysia citizenship two years ago.
    Any idea how to apply and become malaysian permanent resident so that I can stay in Malaysia for a long period of time when I retire in few years time?

    Thank you

  130. Sharon Said:

    I hope this is not too late to answer your question.

    1. ICA gives you letter of approval( valid for 8 months to register and renounce your foreign citizenship eg malaysia)
    2. Go to MHC ( consular section 8-10am) to get forms to fill out and they will also give you a note what to photocopy and bring on the appointment date.
    The appointment date to hand in your documents is usually 4-7 months wait.

    FYI:If you go now to get a date its Aug 2010.
    2a) Arrive at MHC, get your pass( exchange with your driving lincense/ic etc) then head to the consular section on your right.
    Queue on the right side to get forms. Pls bring your letter of approval of citizenship from ICA to show to the officer.

    2b) once you got the forms and the list of required stuff to do. do them and wait for given appointed date to come.

    3) go as early as 8am, dun queue together with ones wanting to take passport application coz the queue is super long. just tell the guard, you are here to renounce citizenship. he will ask you to wait opposite till 8am to exchange your pass.

    4) once in, go to consular section and queue on the right lane where you first queue for your forms. they will see your forms if its filled out correctly.
    get your photocopies of stuff ready.
    once all forms are correct, they will give you 2 Real Borang K
    ( yellow in colour ) to fill out.

    5) then everything is ok, the lady will give you a number written on your forms.
    wait for the number to be called.
    she will take tumb prints, collect SD15 ( forms said RM20 but they collect SIN dollar) better bring both…
    collect your passport, IC, birth certs etc from you.
    then will give a half A4 size paper.
    in this paper : its a memo saying that you submitted these items and these items( birth cets etc) to be return to you in 7 working days( A date is given for you for collection) Go and collect a partial renounciation letter and the items on date given.( its between 2-4pm)

    6) Make appointment with ICA to register your citizenship once you got your date of this partial renounciation letter because you need to bring this letter to ICA on the day of registration.

    7) Borang K ( yellow form) is the last form that MHC will send to you in two years time and you need to submit this to ICA to complete the whole process…

  131. Irene Ong Said:

    Going to get my S’pore citizenship by April 2010. the problem is that, I do not have my expired passport, as required, how? Can somebody advise me what can I do pertaining to this issue??

  132. Irene Ong Said:

    Please advise me through the above email

    Thank You

  133. peckyee Said:

    hi, my singapore passport is going to expire on 28/9/2010. Am i still allow to go back malaysia on 28/3/2010 to renouncing my Malaysian citzenship.

    And how long is the procedure, can i go back to singapore and extent my singapore passport expire day at the same day?

    Because i saw from a website it say further than the date of entry into Malaysia, passports should be valid for as a minimum of six months.

  134. Arielle Said:

    Hi, I have took up your advice and went into JB to get my renounciation done 3 months ago. It was excellent tips!

    I was fortunate to have my dad drove me in to get it done. I received the letter to go and collect it. However, this time round i need to go and get it on my own. I will need to take bus 170 in.

    Just to check with you, is it walkable from the malaysia immigration area or is there some other buses i can transfer to?

    Will appreciate your help.

  135. Jack Said:

    Hi guy,

    I have some queries, anybody can help?

    Right now i not able to find 1of the expired passport, do i have any problem to submit all my document? Can i just submit all the passport that i holding now?


  136. audrey Said:


    Can I go to Wisma to renounce my Malaysian Citizenship if I do not have a Malaysia passport? I only have Singapore passport and Pink IC. As far as I’m concerned, I do not possess any Malaysian documents. My parents were PR at the time of my birth. So I am a minor Singapore Citizen by descent/registration and also a Malaysia Citizen, according to ICA. I do not want to go to MHC because I’d have to wait for 5 months! Please advise, anyone? Thanks in advance!

  137. Marcus Said:

    I made renounciation about 9 months back and received a letter from ICA to submit my official Letter of Renounciation (LOR) by the end of this month, April 2010. I call the MHC in Singapore and after a few attempt to contact the consulor office, I managed to get through and the hasty reply I received was totally amazing.

    “You need to wait for 2 to 3 years you know? Cos we send ti KL.” They ask me to tell ICA to wait for the document to come. I wonder at this age are they still ferrying the documents using bumboats and using typewriter to hand their adminstration..

    Just wanna know if anyone has any experience in this to verify. Does it mean to get the LOR fast must go KL personally? Is there any immigration inconvenieces involved during this long waiting period? I am going to US in 2 months time so I am a little concerned. thank you!

  138. dolphin Said:

    hi there

    thx for the useful information. need ur confirmation before heading to ica.

    i hv received the citizenship approval letters for my son & myself recently.

    planning to bring my son (malaysian, sin PR, below 10yrs) to ICA to complete the registration formalities and apply sin passport for him FIRST, possible? is it possible to do both on the same day? child does not need msian renunciation, right?

    pls advise. thanks a lot.

  139. simon Said:

    juz wondering how the JB ppl will contact me to collect my official renunciation slip. will dey call?or mail me? and what about my birth cert? do i collect it with my renunciation slip?

  140. Janice Said:

    Enquiry 1:
    If I were to renounce my Malaysian citizenship in JB, how could I make my trip back to Spore if I am holding only Malaysia passport but working in Spore?

  141. jackson Said:

    i would like to share wif u my experience in renouncing msian citizenship. I got my citizenship approval on 18 Apr, so i gather all the related docs and ask my boss to write a bullshit letter saying that the company will post me overseas on 17May2010.

    Guess wat happened when i trying to make a appointment at MHC to renounce my msian citizenship? I went there on the 22April2010. The officer in charge (an Indian lady, she looked more like a security officer, but she was friendly) gave me a date, which was in the Sept2010. So i said this to her ” Madam, i know this is the earliest date you could provide, but i got a special request”. Then i pull out my company letter and showed it to her. Upon seeing that letter, she flipped through the appointment book, from Sept2010 straightaway to May2010, and then..

    it bcame 29April2010, 1 week later!

    And as of 17May2010, i m officially a Singaporean, having taken the oath, and now waiting for my brand new Singapore passport and IC.

    Just to share with you how i cut the waiting time by 5month.

    Hope this helps, my dear former fellow Msians (aka my dear fellow Singaporean).


  142. Kailash Said:


    I wanted to know if its possible to submit these documents at any Malaysian Embassy outside Malaysia.

    Or can the documents be posted/sent by a representative without me going in person.


  143. Tracy Said:

    no recent post for this topic anymore. Is there any changes in the processing time recently? I just got my approval from ICA, wonders what should i do now. I have a property in Penang with value less than 500k. should i do any transfer before i convert my citizenship? Anybody have issue with property, car, epf etc after convert or before convert to singapore citizenship?

  144. wendy Said:

    I need to get the renouce letter asap. Should go to Malaysia or Malaysia High Commisssion in Singapore

  145. wendy Said:

    Hi, pls advise the fastest way to get the renounce letter from Malaysia, in order to submit to Singapore ICA.

  146. Tangerina Said:

    Hi, just wanted to update everyone that the M’sian Embassy at Jervois now has a new system in place. Started 2 months ago. It now takes only 3 DAYS to get your renounciation letter. There is no need to get an appointment date anymore.

    Just go to the Embassy with all your docs (8.15am to 11am), get the form there and fill it up. There is someone to check if you have filled up correctly before you submit (approach the indian security lady, or the guy sitting at the desk at the corner where there is a queue – you need to go to him anyway for thumbprint before you submit). Upon submission, you’ll be given a slip to return in 3 days to collect the renounciation letter. Docs you need for submission:

    1. orig M’sian passport & 2 photocopies
    2. orig M’sian BC (must be laminated) & 2 photocopies (front & back)
    3. orig M’sian IC & 2 photocopies (front & back)
    4. orig S’pore blue IC & 2 photocopies (front & back)
    5. 2 passport-sized coloured photos (NO NEED blue background, any colour is ok)
    6. old/expired M’sian passports (originals only)
    7. S$10 for processing fee

    Be prepared to spend about half hour filling up the form (3 copies). Alternatively, go down and get the form and fill up at home. After they have checked your form and everything is in order for submission, you will be given the Borang K (yellow form) to fill up. They will guide you on how to fill it up.

    I just did it this week.

  147. SQ Said:

    Hi guys, no need appointment date for renunciation now , after received the approval letter fm ICA , just get along your documents and all the required documents, you can proceed to the counter to renounce . I was wait for 5 mth !!! and they just change the rules, and the letter of renunciation fm MHC also just take 3 working days, efficient now!

  148. jenna. Said:

    hi.. i would like to check regarding the renunciation thingy..
    1. if i only have the international passport can i go to malaysia and get the renunciation done?
    2. i lost my birth cert malaysia one.. made a police report already do you tink it’s oki?
    3. regarding the passport.. do u need all the expired passport to bring it down? cuz i only have the recent expired one.. and the rest i’ve thrown away already..
    4. i went down to msia embassy today.. ther person told me after submission of the doc i will only need to wait for 3days n i’ll receive a letter den i can go down to spore immigration ctr to make my singapore citizen already.. is this true? cuz my letter of approval only last till 4th sep 2010….I REALLY NEED HELP… PLS REPLY ASAP.. THANKS.

  149. Wen Said:

    hi, i’ve jus rec’d the approved letter from ICA on 15Jun10 & only have M’sia passport, but wish to get the renouncing process done ASAP can’t wait the long Q appt at MHC Spore for my HDB flat application. Can i still go to JB wisma to get the slip done within 2 hrs?? Thanx in advance for your kind advicing πŸ™‚

  150. Jess Said:


    Can i check wif u, if im a dual citizen,and i wan to renounce my malaysian citizen. So i just need to travel to Wisma to take the oath to receive the Resit Rasmi?

    In the process of renouncing,I need to give them back my malaysia passport and ic? and just to confirm,is it i can straight away just use my sin passport for the malaysia custom also to get back to singapore by showing them the resit rasmi?

    Cuz in 2 month times, i have a trip to KL.So i need to confirm that i can use my sin passport to enter malaysia once i renounce my malaysia citizen without waiting for the confirmation letter.If not,it will be useless.

  151. Jojo Yee Said:

    My daughter is holding Malaysia passport issued in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Can she renounce her passport in Wisma Persekutuan in JB?

  152. dolly Said:

    Hi i would like to check with you whether the staff over the Renunciation Counter Speaks english ?

  153. Alexis Said:

    I went today and it’s pretty easy and straight forward. Please DO bring all your latest and old passport and 2 passport-size pictures.

    Aside from that 2 copies + the originals for these documents:- laminated birth cert., your Malaysian ID and Singaporean ID and the letter of approval from ICA. Even if you forgotten to zap your docs, the photocopy service is right down the door (Immigration section).

    Once you’ve arrive MHC, line up at the entrance of ‘Consular Section” which opens 8am (be there around 7.45). There’s a very helpful lady who’s giving all the guidance to fill-up your Borang K. Once you’re done, she will give you the Yellow Form and off you go to the thumb-print queue.

    The person taking your thumb-print will then give you your number. Once your number is up, you pay SD$10 and you’ll get your return date to collect the renunciation memo (mine was 2 days after).

  154. ryan Said:

    I have a question. we have a baby-born in Australia, the mother is Malaysia and the mother is Indonesia. would it be possible the get dual citizenship for the baby? at least until 18 years old? Please need help.

    Thank you

  155. Elena Said:

    Hey, I have a question — so how does the SG gov check that you’ve renounced your MY citizenship, or any other citizenship for that matter. Thanks!

  156. PL Said:

    I called the Malaysian Embassy in HK and was told that I can’t travel during the renunication processing time! The lady said it will take at least 1-year to process the application. What a Damn country! They make it very difficult to renunciate the citizenship.

    Do you experience the same travel restriction in Singapore? or Australia?

    I just want to know if I apply it in person in Johor. How can I get out of the country?

  157. Rajoo Said:

    Hi pls clarify how to travel back to Singapore after surrender everything in JB?

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